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favorite flavor will be available to order.

Take a look    below at your new favorite   treats for birthday parties,   showers,

football games,   family gatherings, play dates, company events,  and more!



Your favorite summertime dessert reimagined...a graham cracker bottom    under our fudgey brownie, finished with toasted marshmallows, crushed graham crackers, and  crumbled Hershey's bars! Available May 27,2024...



If you can't choose between a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie, we have the perfect dessert! Cookie dough on top of our fudgy brownie...mmm! 

Mocha OREO brownie

Mocha OREO

Topped with an espresso ganache and with OREOs both  inside and on top, this  brownie is decadent!

Cherry Cheesecake (3).jpg

Cherry Cheesecake

Cherries and chunks of graham cracker crust are mixed with our cheesecake filling and then  swirled into our decadent brownie. 

So yummy!

Mudslide Cheesecake Brownie

Mudslide Cheesecake

A favorite adult cocktail  blended with our delicious cheesecake filling, swirled with our decadent brownie, and topped with chopped chocolate covered espresso beans. Cheers!

Almond Joy_edited_edited.jpg


Inspired by one of our favorite candy bars, our coconut filling is sandwiched in our brownie and the brownie is   topped  with  chocolate   ganache  and  toasted  almond  pieces. 

Specialty/Seasonal Flavors

Nutella Brownie


Our  delicious  brownie  studded with chopped hazelnuts and finished  with Nutella® cream cheese topping. Fabulous!

Cream Cheese Almond Toffee Chip Brownie

Cream Cheese Almond   Toffee Chip

Our delicious brownie  with sticky almond toffee chips and a  cream cheese swirl topping...yum!

Rocky Road Brownie

Rocky Road

Our  delicious brownie topped with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, walnuts, and

chocolate drizzle.

Chocolate Frosted Brownie

Chocolate Frosted

Our  delicious  brownie finished with chocolate frosting and white    chocolate drizzle.

Classic and elegant.

White Chocolate Frosted Brownie

White Chocolate Frosted

Our  delicious  brownie  finished  with white chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. So fun!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownie

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

A classic combination...our delicious brownie with chocolate chips and a peanut butter cream cheese topping.

Meet The Brownies!!

Caramel Pretzel Brownie

Caramel Pretzel

Satisfy your salty and sweet craving with our    delicious  brownie  topped with caramel, crushed pretzels, and chocolate drizzle.

Sea Salt Coconut Macaroon Brownie

Sea Salt Coconut Macaroon

A layer of coconut macaroon filling sandwiched in the middle of our decadent brownie. Finished with a hint of sea salt on top.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Brownie

Blueberry Cream Cheese

Blueberry cream cheese topping on our fudgey brownie...sure to be a favorite!

Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownie

Raspberry Cream Cheese

Raspberry cream cheese topping on our  delicious   brownie. A decadent way to enjoy  your fruit!

Products are available at select retail locations, for  local delivery, limited pick-up,
and by mail within Massachusetts only.  
Note that all brownies    contain wheat,  eggs, dairy, and soy.  Scones contain wheat and dairy. Some brownie and scone flavors also contain nuts.

About the Chef

the chef pic.jpg

Tiffany Dalton Capobianco is the chef behind Tiffany’s Brownies & Treats. 

After completing a certificate program at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, she crafted    her baking skills while  working as the Assistant Pastry Chef  at Hamersley’s Bistro in Boston, where she learned from some very talented individuals.  She has combined her background as an engineer with her love of baking to create brownies that will become your new favorite treat!   After years of baking her brownies and treats for family and friends, she decided to share her creations.

Try them all to pick your favorite !

Sour Cream.JPG

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Cinnamon and walnuts swirled into a moist coffee cake.  Perfect for  brunch or with your morning coffee!

Blueberry Teacake.JPG

Blueberry Tea Cake

An old family recipe updated ...loads of blueberries in a moist cake topped with a cinnamon crumb topping. Sooo good!



These aren't your typical dry scones. Buttermilk makes these scones moist. So many delicious flavors to choose from ... Cranberry/Orange, Chocolate Chip, Apricot/Candied ginger, Blueberry/lemon, Fig/almond/honey,  or Raisin/golden raisin/currant.

Choc Chip Cookies.jpg

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?  Not just your average chocolate chip cookie...make sure you have milk ready to go!

Oatmeal raisin.jpg

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Loads of raisins and molasses make these cookies delightful!

Meet The Treats!!


Coming soon...


"Tiffany is a true artisan and master baker who creates delicious treats that all my guests have enjoyed and consistently rave about.  I’m not sure I would have a party without finishing off with her tasty treats!"

- Joe C., Norwood, MA


"Best Brownies Evah!"

- Paul N., Freeport, ME

Dark, rich, moist brownies, melting in your mouth followed by a big gulp of ice cold milk!!   Bite-sized chocolate decadence.   Chocolate intensity to make one's knees weak!

- Allison H., Quincy, MA

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